Tech Powers the Interactions & Experiences

Our global technology infrastructure serves our clients’ and their audience connections around the world.


OUR CLIENT-to-Audience Engagement Platform

Our one-of-a-kind global digital content creation, management, marketing, sales, and delivery platform provides our clients’ with revolutionary, industry-changing capabilities.

It allows us to present your audiences with rich, engaging, interactive content quickly and easily in ways you never thought possible!

It’s designed to build and reinforce your connection to your audiences while providing creative, interactive, experience-driven opportunities to increase overall value in exciting new ways.

When coupled with the Guiding Star mobile app for both Android and iPhone, along with web access for tablets, computers, and smart TVs, it connects your content to audiences at home or wherever they go.

For artists and entertainers, major consumer product brands, sports franchises, amusement parks, universities and more, we can deliver unprecedented options and results.

our ARTIST Content Delivery & Anti-Piracy Solution

Our solution is designed for independent artists in both music and film. It’s built from core, leading-edge technologies that support the massive demands of the world’s largest music labels and film distribution companies. It can be used to easily distribute and track an artist’s digital content for promotional purposes, while helping to protect their most-valued assets from piracy.

For example, an artist’s digital content can be sent for promotion securely and effectively to anyone with an email address worldwide. When content is received using our solution it’s reported. So, the artist knows who opened their file and who didn’t. Artist rights are protected end-to-end with advanced file and distribution security. The party who receives the artist’s protected digital asset via email will know that the file is traceable back to them for copyright accountability if they attempt to further distribute, misuse, or abuse the artist’s content.

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our CLIENT-to-Audience Location Interaction Platform

Location-based, specially timed interactions, content presentations, and unique mobile device experiences and sales opportunities are possible using our one-of-a-kind location interaction platform. Audience interactions and experiences can go to a whole new level. Our imaginations take flight using GPS, sensor-based radio technologies, ultrasonic tones, cameras and more to trigger amazing interactions integrated into your content using the Guiding Star mobile app.

If you want your show or tour, retail locations, rides at your amusement park, historic places in your community, or your museum exhibits to really stand out, then our location interaction platform is the way to go. It offers the bells and whistles you need to make a positive, long-lasting impression that’s truly remarkable. It delivers unprecedented “WOW factor!”

Additionally, it can be applied to address audience ticket verification needs and other large-volume special event attendance demands. Let’s get together and review the numerous ways it can be utilized to create highly-valuable solutions for you.