Our Studios Create the Content

We create world-class designs, audio, video, and interactive experiences for global audiences.


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Audio Content Creation

No matter what your goals are to impact an audience’s senses with a professional audio recording we’ve got you covered — vocals, sounds, voice overs, radio spots, effects, narration, music for all occasions, emotions and promotions.

The right words, sounds, groove or melody, along with the right voice, tone, or emotions, all matter when matching with your brand’s positioning, communication objectives, and vibe. Professional recording artists know this. However, businesses don’t always take it into consideration. Let us help you ensure that they do.

Our teams can generate an idea. They can write the words, the copy, the lyrics, the story, and the music. We can take it from a white board or tablet through the studio to a finished, fully produced, and ready-for-market piece.

Additionally, when the master recording is done, we can handle the processing and manufacturing of your tangible CD, DVD, USB, or even LP. Of course, we can also prepare your high-quality digital audio files for download or streaming globally using our platforms.

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Video Content Creation

Lights, cameras, action! When you’ve got something going on and there’s excitement, history being made, live-music, motion, emotion, drama, laughter, or smiles to capture, then don’t miss your shot to grab the video content. When you have goals to impact your audience with a professional video recording you can count on us to make it happen.

Whether your intent is to create an EPK, a PSA, commercial, promo, or documentary, we can do it. If you want a music video, short-film, podcast, or to stream and record a live event, our teams can get it done.

We love to generate ideas and see them through. Our team can create the story boards and write the copy or scripts. We can define and record the soundtrack. We can set and run the best camera positions. We can even find, hire, and direct the actors or performers if that’s what you need us to do. The bottom line is we can do all that needs done from start to finish to ensure your final video piece achieves your desired results.

Additionally, when the master recording is done, we can handle the manufacturing of your tangible discs. We can also prepare your digital video files for download or streaming globally using our platforms.


Graphic Design, Media Production & Interactive Experience Creation

A significant amount of thought, caring, skill, and magic goes into creating the right look, setting the right mood, or stimulating the right reaction to an interactive experience. Put our graphic design, media production, and interactive experience teams to work for you.

From logos, product packaging, and album covers, to websites, business cards, brochures and more, our graphic design team will make you look fabulous. Their work becomes a fundamental part of almost everything else we do for you. They ensure your brand standards are defined, protected, and your best look always moves forward.

After the audio and video has been recorded, our media production team goes to work to bring the two elements together. Whether your finished piece must be broadcast-ready, running online, or shown on the big screen, they ensure the right story is told, it properly reflects your brand, and all of the production’s technical elements are rock solid to ensure the absolute best quality presentation possible.

Interactive experiences can be defined in many, many ways. The level of interaction is normally defined by budget. However, that’s where our creativity and resourcefulness kicks in. A smaller budget doesn’t have to mean less interaction or experience. We know how to tap the right resources and use the right tools to maximize the impact and value of your project to your audience — making it truly unique and memorable — regardless of budget.