Can you imagine a world without John Lennon’s Imagine?

The positive ripple effect of Imagine on multiple generations has been immeasurable. Imagine fuels hearts’ desires for a more accepting and peaceful world through the gift of song. How would we be different if Lennon never wrote it?

It may seem like a trivial question, however the current state of the music industry is forcing gifted songwriters and creative visionaries like Lennon to abandon their work at unprecedented levels. Both new and well-established artists are reconsidering their life’s calling because of financial pressure. As a result, songwriters and performers with a desire to “make it” must first consider market viability and commercialism before putting pen to paper. Industry big business is essentially censoring their ability to share their most intimate and impactful works.

Too many creators and the positive benefits of their work will be lost forever if something isn’t done. Further loss is something we can’t allow to happen.

Guiding Star Global has built a new creator-centered platform to put artists back in control. The one-of-a-kind global digital content creation, management, marketing, sales, and delivery platform provides artists with revolutionary, industry-changing capabilities.

Guiding Star leverages its exclusive technologies and creative partnerships to generate new revenue streams for artists. Our roster of artists enjoy the benefit of financial relief built on a fresh paradigm for the music industry that returns value to the craft of music creation.

We’ve made it our mission to:


• Empower individual artists and the global artistic community.

• Develop new platforms to showcase creativity and connect artists with their audiences worldwide.

• Offer innovative financial models to quickly fund artists’ creative projects.

• Help artists engage their audiences in new creative ways.

• Protect and increase the value of music and the creative arts.

• Protect the livelihood of the artistic community.

• Protect artistic independence and intellectual property.


Our growing community of artists enjoy the benefits of renewed creative and financial strength to pursue their work with confidence.

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